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Log4j and global panic

Now-a-days, the world is getting used to things being thrown at it to worry about. And we all hope that smart cookies in a lab somewhere will find a cure. Well – a couple of days ago, some boffins found a new computer bug that is being given hazard level 10, and I can assure you – that gets us geeks all rather excited

CVE-2021-44228, or the Log4j bug, was first published, with a patch, on the 9th / 10th of December. This vulnerability, which was discovered by Chen Zhaojun of Alibaba Cloud Security Team, impacts Apache Log4j.

Yip – that’s all foreign language to most humans, but the long and short of it is, this is a fresh vulnerability found in a piece of software very commonly used across the world for storing software activity logs, that allows anyone without permission, access to hijack a computer system and effectively run their own commands – from establishing a ransomware attack on a host, through to compromising secure user records etc.

The vulnerability has been shown to be active in software that uses the log4j software as well – from well known names like Apple iOS (yep – your mobile phone / tablet), MacOS, VMWare, Discord, Ubiquiti etc – A list is starting to be collected via – a patch has been released to counter the attack, but the slower people are applying the patch, the more exposed systems are, and the more havoc that can be applied globally.

So what can we do?

  • Check for, and apply, any updates from software manufacturers. Always make sure you are running the latest versions of everything. This is paramount for both your security and your piece of mind.
  • Consider application of a strong, secure firewall to block potential threat traffic from getting to your systems
  • Contact any providers you use that could be storing sensitive information and seek assurances that they have taken appropriate measures to counter the risk associated with this new threat

Here at Webmad all of our hosting systems have been secured against this threat, simply because we are not using any services that rely on Log4j, and any of our upstream providers have been quick off the mark to get this resolved. Should you have any concerns though, by all means get in contact.

By Stephen

Co-founder at Webmad, Stephen is part of the website development team, and is keen on solving problems for businesses using web tools. When he's not maintaining and developing systems, he is a keen audio engineer involved with live sound and studio recording, or hanging out with his family at skate parks and local markets

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